Drive Repeat Customer Visits

Whirl’s easy to use customer intelligence software extracts actionable segments from your first-party customer data. Connect your point of sale and quickly learn where to focus your retention & reactivation efforts.

Your Customers are your Biggest asset.

Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Why not leverage what you know about your customer base to deliver tailored campaigns instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach?

Increased Retention

Increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by 25 to 95%! Whirl makes it easy to make retention a focus area.

Eliminate Data Silos

Your marketing & operations team can now work collaboratively on retention & reactivation thanks to unified data.

Reduce Overhead

We generate actionable customer segments so you’re not bogged down by spreadsheets or clumsy implementations.

We understand Multi-Unit Businesses

Our platform was developed from the ground-up for multi-unit businesses, working as a close partner to the individual units, corporate and third-party marketing agencies.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our founders have developed software for hundreds of franchise organizations over the past 15+ years.


Whirl’s customer intelligence Platform Is trusted by a number of Exceptional Multi-unit Organizations

Fast-growing franchise Foxy Box Laser & Wax Bar uses Whirl to preemptively identify and address membership growth issues in new units, compared to the standard growth baseline.


Over the past several years, we’ve been marketing aggressively to attract new pet parents to our daycare centers.

Throughout that time, I’ve had a nagging feeling that taking a deeper dive into our customer retention patterns could accelerate our ramp and drive profit margins up significantly.

We had been experimenting with various pricing models that take a while to garner meaningful results, but thanks to Whirl and the detailed insights the software provided, we know which operations & marketing tactics maximize our customer lifetime value and can double down on what works.

Our Story & Our Founder

Our founder, Jason Kealey, has always been motivated to make material impact on the lives of small business owners such as franchisees. These individuals are pillars in our community and they’re overwhelmed with complexity. Software can help simplify operations and drive profitability.

Jason observed that the worlds of operations and marketing are slowly starting to blend.

Marketers are shifting their focus to the full customer journey, where the lifetime value of a customer depends highly on the consistency of day-to-day operations.

Operators are overwhelmed by the plethora of digital tools thrown at them. Figuring out what’s most impactful is near impossible. It’s a tough balancing act versus delighting guests in the physical world.

Making things worse, both parties struggled to get actionable data because of data silos & complex IT.

To bridge the gap, Jason believes the solution starts with a unified view of the customer journey which cohesively ties all the data available about customers into a single system. A shared environment is key to evaluating the ROI of past operational & marketing strategies, and executing new ones.

Learn more about Whirl’s founder below.

Jason Kealey, P. Eng, CFE
Jason Kealey, P. Eng, CFECEO & Founder
Jason, a software engineer by trade, founded FranchiseBlast in 2007. Over 100 franchise organizations, representing tens of thousands of units, used this franchise operations platform. The company was acquired by FranConnect in 2021. Jason lead the integration of FranchiseBlast into FranConnect as VP of Strategy until his departure to launch Whirl Insights in 2023.


Move away from spray and pray Marketing

Leverage the customer insights hidden in your data to make smart segments and achieve much higher retention & reactivation rates.

customer lifetime value is key

shift your focus from Initial Conversions to customer Lifetime Value

Marketing and operations need to collaborate to offer the best customer experience throughout the customer journey and maximize LTV.

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